Country Name Population (Millions) Male(% of Total Pop) Female(% of Total Pop) Pop Growth (Annual %) Years
Iraq 38.4 50.6 49.4 2.3 2018
Country Name GDP in Billion (Current US$) GDP Growth (Annual %) GDP Per Capita (Current US$) Years
Iraq 5834 224 -0.6 2018
Country Name Population Below the International Poverty Line Year
Iraq 17 2014
Country Name HDI Year
Iraq 0.69 2019
Country Name Health Expenditure Per Capita (Current US$) Year Out-of-Pocket Expenditure (OOPS) as % of CHE Year
Iraq 153 2018 78.5 2016
Country Name Personnel Per 10000 Population
Physicians Nursing and Midwifery Dentists Pharmacists Year
Iraq 9.1 21.2 3.1 3.3 2018
Country Name UHC Service Coverage Index Year
Iraq 61 2017
Country Name Life Expectancy at Birth, Female (Years) Life Expectancy at Birth, Male (Years) Life Expectancy at Birth, Total (Years)
Iraq 72 78 70
Country Name Incidence of Tuberculosis (Per 100,000 People)
Iraq 42
Estimate of Current Tobacco Use Prevalence (%) (Age-Standardized Rate)
Estimate of current tobacco use prevalence (%) (age-standardized rate)
Estimate of Current Tobacco Smoking Prevalence (%) (Age-Standardized Rate)
Estimate of current tobacco use prevalence (%) (age-standardized rate)
Nicotine Vaping Devices (E-cigarettes) in Iraq
Regulatory Status No Specific Law
Oral Smokeless Tobacco Product (SNUS)
Regulatory Status No Information
Heated Tobacco Products (HTP)
Products are Marketed No
Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRTs)
Legal to Purchase Without Prescription Yes
Products are Marketed Yes
Place Available Pharmacy

Data Source: World Health Organization (WHO) | Global Status of Tobacco Harm Reduction

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