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The knowledge hub is one-window access to all the data, research, and information on the tobacco use and efforts to control it in Pakistan and EMR. It provides a complete picture of the emerging alternative products in Pakistan and EMR. Evidence-based interventions can lead to legal, policy and administrative initiatives to end smoking. This hub collates the relevant knowledge from around the world to contribute to the aim of making our future smoke free.

Knowledge Hub on Ending Smoking in Pakistan

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"Next Time It Could Be You" - The McCarthyism in Tobacco Control

At the end of November, an extraordinary episode caused outrage: the expulsion of Karl Erik Lund from a conference on e-cigarettes held in France. Dr. Lund is one of the world's most prominent researchers on tobacco harm reduction. Currently with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, he has published important papers about snus and has testified on behalf of plaintiffs suing the tobacco industry. He has received a preventative medicine award from the Norwegian Medical Association, among many other roles and accolades.

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Tobacco Harm Reduction in Afghanistan: A Recipe for Improving Smokers' Health

Almost three million Afghans smoke daily, the majority of whom are teenagers. Smoking is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Afghans every year. The previous Afghan government made significant efforts to control and reduce tobacco use through tobacco cessation policies and strategies. However, these policies were not effective in reducing the number of smokers and smoking-related deaths.

January 11, 2023 Download

Smoking and health 2021: A coming of age for tobacco control?

In 1962, when the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) published Smoking and health,1 tobacco smoking was the largest avoidable cause of premature death and disability in the UK. During the ensuing 6 decades the UK has moved from being a global leader in tobacco consumption to a global leader in tobacco control,2 and the subsequent reduction in smoking prevalence by about 75% from 1962 levels is widely regarded as evidence of success.

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Harm Reduction

A State Medical Society member of PRI recently requested information on the value of vaping as a harm reduction solution to tobacco use. There is considerable information, pro and con, with respect to the subject of vaping and PRI was unable to give its member Medical Society an informed answer. Accordingly, the PRI Board decided to retain an expert with respect to vaping and related issues.

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2022 Index Ranking Report

The 2022 Index is the result of a process of company research, scoring, and ranking conducted by the Index Research Partner2 over the two-year review period from 2019 to 2021. As described in the Index Methodology report, the Index methodology is based on a set of 35 indicators organized under six categories of company actions and performance

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Estimate of Current Tobacco Smoking Prevalence (%) (Age-Standardized Rate) - Egypt

Eastern Mediterranean Region

Saudi Arabia
Population (Millions) 33.7
Male(% of Total Pop) 57.6
Female(% of Total Pop) 42.4
Pop Growth (Annual %) 1.8
Year 2018
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Population (Millions) 1.0
Male(% of Total Pop) 52.6
Female(% of Total Pop) 47.4
Pop Growth (Annual %) 1.6
Year 2018
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Population (Millions) 10.0
Male(% of Total Pop) 50.6
Female(% of Total Pop) 49.4
Pop Growth (Annual %) 1.8
Year 2018
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